What We Do - Short Programs

Content Offerings - Full and Half Day Programs

With many years of combined experience as facilitators, Frew & Associates is unique in our facilitation style because we ask hard questions at the right time, as well as recognize and respond to a “learning moment” during an event.  We pride ourselves on providing deep learning events, where individuals frequently experience a “life changing” occurrence that has a positive, significant impact, both professionally and personally.  Our programs help improve trust, teaming, communication, alignment, decision-making, performance, and execution.  We provide management and leadership tools that help individuals become better managers and leaders, faster. 

Appreciative Inquiry

Appreciative Inquiry (AI) builds on the positive aspects of human nature.  We work best when our gifts (strengths) are noticed and utilized.  We work best when conditions for exceptional performance are enhanced.  We each need to be seen as essential to the group. Creating positive images through meaningful contributions will help create a positive future.  We build energy for others when people can express and experience their “full voice” about the good, better and possible.

Half-day or full-day workshops include interactive exercises and explain in depth the Appreciative Inquiry 5-Cycle model (Definition, Discovery, Dream, Design, & Destiny/Delivery) that emphasizes positive possibilities, new insights and understandings, meaning of work, and brings out the best in people, relationships, and situations using a strengths-based approach.

The benefits of AI in an organization allows individuals to shift their personal way of being and seeing to an appreciative approach; helping individuals, teams, and organizations focus on what’s right in their organization, rather than on what’s wrong, so that an individual, team, or organization can deeply inquire into what’s right and why, and then find ways of intentionally creating more of what’s right in the organization.        

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness is a personal choice one makes to assume responsibility for the quality of life physically, mentally/intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s a mindset (designed by one’s personal needs, situation and experiences) that allows an individual to become more personally aware and make better choices.  Our 2-hour interactive program provides participants an introductory look at the benefits of building a balanced and healthier lifestyle.  By learning simple techniques that help kick-start positive life-forming habits through nutrition, exercise, and High Order Thought™, participants will be given a simple framework, through which each individual can pursue their performance goals.

Half-day and full-day workshops include an introduction into Health & Wellness and include more comprehensive coverage of selected topic(s) to address the needs of a particular group. Potential topics include:

  • Finding the motivation to exercise
  • Eating in moderation versus dieting
  • The importance and benefits of rest and recovery
  • Information on Couch to 5k walk/runs (half marathons/full marathons)  

In addition, an extra-curricular voluntary early morning exercise can be made available for groups.

Benefits to employees adopting a healthier lifestyle include weight loss, stress reduction, better fitness and self-esteem, better mental state, along with better thinking and greater well-being.  The workplace can have an impact on improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of its employees, as a large portion of a person’s day is spent at work.  The worksite can be a great place to promote healthy habits that become powerful influences on the organizational culture and behaviors.  

High Order ThoughtTM

The High Order ThoughtTM (HOT) framework exposes the possibility and the opportunity for individuals to raise potential, capacity, capability, and performance levels regardless of circumstance.  Intentionally tapping the energy of the heart and energy of the intellect provides an environment for increased confidence and satisfaction in any endeavor in any circumstance.  High Order ThoughtTM enables an awareness of multiple truths; openness to possibilities without limitation and beyond imagination; Raising awareness of illusions and managing energy; and drives clarity of thought.  The fundamental variables of High Order ThoughtTM are:

  • State of Mind
  • Thinking
  • Communicating
  • Reflecting  

A half-day session includes an understanding of how to apply High Order High Order ThoughtTM which enables better decision making and execution to radically improve an individual or organization.  A full-day session dives deeper into the central importance of fundamental variables:  state-of-mind, managing energy and illusions, thinking, communicating, and reflecting in real-time.

The benefits of using High Order ThoughtTM principles also increases capacity for better communication, higher quality choices, and more effective leadership.  High Order ThoughtTM  increases personal and organizational performance and effectiveness by applying improved thinking and communication, building higher levels of trust and relationships, and using increased awareness and tolerance.  Additionally, it increases organizational efficiency by simplifying processes, removing rework, reducing confusion and fear, increasing collaboration, and increasing focus.

Polarity Thinking & Behaving

This experience provides an introduction into Polarity Thinking, how to recognize and leverage polarities.  Polarities are situations that need to be managed versus being a problem to solve.

A half-day session will help individuals recognize and describe the phenomenon of polarities.  It enables individuals’ to supplement “either/or” thinking and choices with “both/and” thinking and choices,by raising the impact of all decisions.

A full-day program includes the introduction to Polarity Thinking, how to recognize, describe and map polarities.  In addition, participants will begin to see culture that may be aligned “either/or thinking” too heavily or might be undervalued or under-recognized, and learn from it to help the organization find a different/better way to function as a whole.

Benefits of Polarity Thinking can be used as a way to improve business performance by giving individuals a way to “see” there may be more than one solution to a situation.  In addition, an assessment can be included and specially designed maps customized specific to the organization.