Points of Contact

Barry Frew
President & CEO
(o) (831) 372-3932
(f) (831) 372-3932
I founded Frew & Associates in 2002 and develop business strategy, models, and processes. Along with being responsible for the development of individuals and intellectual capital within the firm, I also create and own the culture and direction of the company. My role is to ask the provocative questions that determine new direction or new deliverables, as well as match approach and content with client needs. If you want to better understand our business proposition or the potential value of our services, please contact me.
Jeanne Frew
CFO & Senior Consultant
(o) (831) 372-3932
(f) (831) 372-3932
I am co-owner of Frew & Associates and joined the company in 2005. I assist with course content, business direction and development, facilitation, coaching and mentoring. My work has included not only executive level educational interventions, but also cross-sections of organizations including the most junior to the most senior in understanding their own self, their organizations, and how the individual can positively impact the organization to grow, change, and prosper. Please contact me with any questions about how Frew & Associates might be able to help you and/or your organization in environments of rapid and difficult change.
Michelle J. Belcher
Director of Communications & Marketing
(o) (205) 834-8347
(f) (205) 834-8347
I joined Frew & Associates in 2005.  My responsibilities span all levels of the organization to include the creation and administration of assessments and analysis; management and development of graphic design and marketing communication; along with research and development of intellectual content.  Additionally, as the Website Administrator, I am available to support with addressing any questions or technical difficulties you may experience.  I look forward to working with you and introducing you to the fresh thinking of Frew & Associates.