About Us - Corporate Values

Values and Philosophy


We will build and maintain an environment at Frew & Associates in which we:

  • Generate a true culture of sharing, teaming, and collaborating among staff, partners and clients
  • Will not put in place or accept the negative impacts of hierarchical/networking reporting relationships
  • Empower individuals to make local decisions and to hold people responsible for the decisions they make or fail to make

Each member of the team shall:

  • Ensure adding value to the organization
  • Ensure they are challenged and fully engaged
  • Ensure they are clear about their role and relationships
  • Move forward with a personal professional development strategy

Enjoy a staff that is:

  • Willing to do what it takes to make our clients braggingly happy
  • Bound by trust and a dedication to the highest quality client experience
  • Willing to fill in for absolutely anyone on any task to get the job done well
  • Self sufficient staff that takes responsibility for supporting themselves to the extent possible but also willing to help others with random acts of kindness
  • Responsive and flexible to the needs of our clients, partners, and associates
  • Known for our willingness to experiment
  • Known for passion and integrity in their work
  • Excited about taking personal responsibility for their growth, learning, and career progression and mentors anyone who asks or needs it in any area
  • Unaccepting of bureaucracy and will not tolerate mediocrity or hollow/valueless bureaucracy in their processes as well as strives to build the same type environment for our clients