About Us - Testimonials


“Due to the course, we identified real barriers to our organization implementation success and outlined a clear vision and strategy for integrating best practices and electronic solutions and services.” – RADM Bud Langston (ret.)


This learning experience broke our shells and reshaped each of us… the gift was helping us all to see ourselves and our organizations in ways we had not even considered.  It helped us suspend what we thought we knew to be true, and introduced us to new ways of thinking that somehow seemed exactly right for that moment.  – CDR Dave Nystrom


"Thanks for the help you provide the Army team...I love this because the impacts are profound to the individuals and to the Army." – LTG Ross Thompson


"Thanks for giving me this amazing opportunity...it was the best learning experience in my 23 years of government service." – Mr. Tony Shaw


The learning was momentous.  It shifted our thinking--all twenty of us.  For some it was a monumental shift, unlocking new ways of looking at the world.  And in every case, we left with a new appreciation for the power of positive, creative thought and a knowledge that we, individually and in groups, have the power to achieve whatever realities we set out to.  MAJ Rick Luce


“The last two weeks have truly been a life changing experience for me and I shall remember it forever.  I will fondly recall all of these “presents” for a long time to come.” – CAPT Chris Vance (ret.)


"One of the biggest takeaways for me was how much intellectual stimulus I received and how it opened both previously known (but, closed) and new ideas and thoughts.  I still reflect back on those two weeks after 6 months.” – Mr. Donald Plater


"I can confidently say that our experience positively changed the way I have approached everything in my life." – Mr. Al Kinney


“I came back to the organization and unleashed a litany of apologetic self abuse on the entire section to let them know that I now know how I failed them…communications are way up, lots of smiles, and more activity than ever before.” – Mr. Mark Gilliland


“Dr. Barry Frew is one of the premier educators and executive coaches in our nation today.  His entrepreneurial insights coupled with his natural leadership and managerial skills elevate him to a level unto himself.” – RADM Winston Copeland (ret.)