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Fabby Leadership Solutions 

Fabby Leadership Solutions, Inc. (FLS) help individuals, teams, and organizations develop and strengthen leadership skills, improve thinking capacities, and provide a deep learning experience that produces sustainable high-performance and high-impact results.  FLS professionals have more than 40 years of combined leadership development experience in designing and delivering events.  FLS understands the importance of well-facilitated events, connecting with participants, promoting rich dialog, recognizing learning moments, asking provocative questions, and including experiential learning and interactive team exercises in their learning events.  FLS' programs and executive coaching provide the tools and skills individuals and teams need to think differently, perform better, and lead fearlessly in the 21st Century.  For more information on how to take an individual's, team's, or organization's leadership skills to a higher level, please visit www.FabbyLeadership.com.


Joint Development Resources

Jerry Rhodes leads the network of consultants, both internal and independent, that specialize in Effective Intelligence (EI) to help companies improve their performance. Skillful thought is the one resource shared by all effective leaders within organizations competing in an ever more complex business world. Whether individuals, groups or systems, Effective Intelligence acts as a catalyst for effectiveness because results on the bottom-line depend most of all on the quality, speed and depth of everyone's thought. Rhodes' TIP, the Thinking-Intentions Profile, is a carefully designed instrument, the only one to focus on the entire cognitive range. The awareness of thinking style that it provides is unique in identifying specifically how to deal with the diverse challenges that all leaders face. Effective Intelligence provides the tools. Frew & Associates is a licensed provider for this powerful system of tools. For more information on how to integrate EI into your organization, call Frew and Associates. For more information on the EI system and its history since 1975, please visit www.EffectiveIntelligence.com.



An organization’s collective knowledge and experience, embodied in informal networks, is its most valuable asset during times of change. With little effort, small but pivotal changes have substantial impact on business performance and therefore on the bottom line. Network Analysis is the most effective method of saving money because you are targeting the causal and most costly asset: human capital, rather than treating symptoms. NetForm is the market leader in providing business solutions for locating and leveraging an organization’s most costly asset: human knowledge capital. Frew & Associates is a licensed provider for this unique assessment tool. For more information on how you can integrate this tool into your organization, call Frew & Associates. For more information on the tool and its history, please visit www.NetForm.com.


Polarity Partnerships

An organization that provides clear guidelines for determining, within a complex set of issues, problems that cannot be solved but polarities that can be managed. Through intensive research, knowledge and experience, this organization has discovered a profound reality in that there are some “problems” that are on-going and can never be solved in the traditional sense. These are polarities (i.e. situations in which both conflicting points of view are true). Polarity Partnerships® helps individuals and organizations shift their mindsets from seeing all difficulties as problems to solve to a mindset that recognizes some difficulties as polarities to manage. Frew & Associates is a contributor to this unconventional and life-changing concept. For more information on how you can integrate this concept into your organization, call Frew & Associates. For more information on the concept and its history, please visit www.PolarityPartnerships.com/.



Diamond6 Leadership and Strategy, LLC develops successful strategic leaders who confidently and effectively lead their colleagues and employees so their organizations can make the greatest impact on their communities and the world. By combining lessons from significant historical events and expert study in leadership development we create a one-of-a-kind customized programs that are focused on addressing our clients needs and goals. Diamond6 workshops and consulting services are designed to be transformational experiences during which groups and individuals take a fresh look at their own leadership styles and learn innovative ways to improve upon them. Participants leave with proven strategies, effective resources and the confidence to successfully lead themselves and others in their organization.  For more information, please visit www.DiamondSixLeadership.com.