About Us - Overview

Customized Programs - Consulting - Facilitation - Executive Coaching

Unlike many organizations focused on senior management, we are exclusively dedicated to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of leaders in this complex and rapidly changing environment. We bring new perspectives, disciplines, and ideology to executives and their organizations.

We provide philosophical foundations rather than prescriptions. We provide a robust set of tools and ideas rather than a “standard” set.

We appeal to leaders who want to be intentional and thoughtful about their leadership; leaders who want to leave a legacy of learning; leaders looking for ways to construct a platform and processes for development at all levels of their organization; and leaders looking for ways to improve their organization through mindstate, communicating, thinking, and reflecting.


One Day, One Week, to One Month Immersed Interventions

Facilitated Seminars, Summits, and Offsites

Facilitated Executive Strategy Sessions

Facilitated Innovation and Process Improvement Sessions


Becoming Change Ready:  Personal & Organizational Change

What Makes Us Unique?

  • Our message is compelling and the passion comes from our hearts.
  • We are dedicated to creating and sharing new knowledge and applications.
  • Our commitment and dedication to make “life changing” events.
  • We will not tolerate mediocrity and believe that excellence is its own form of deviant behavior.
  • We focus on adding intellectual capital to all organizations and attempt to add value to all organizations by expanding awareness and comfort zones.
  • Our programs and way of doing business has been developed by looking outside rather than inside the organization.
  • We encourage and facilitate walking in the world of the unknown without fear.
  • We confront the undiscussable and understand the power of one as well as the power of many.
  • The environment of trust, non-attribution, and seeking the truth without limitations imposed by politics, resource availability, normal organizational filters, and by conventional wisdom allows us to have forums that are uniquely relevant.